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Automatic detection of most SWEN/Gibe-F-virus-SPAM with Magic Mail Monitor 3. Optional automatic deletion.
N E W S! ! !
2003-12-09 15:11: Have changed the MMM3 download to version 2.9b9
2004-01-27 13:35: UPDATE for NOVARG [Symantec]/Mydoom@MM [McAfee]/WORM_MIMAIL.R [Trend]
Why am I getting spammed?
Symantec - Swen.A
Microsoft - Swen.A
NOVARG [Symantec]/Mydoom@MM [McAfee]/WORM_MIMAIL.R [Trend]
Symantec - Novarg.A
Other worm/virus-spam that should be detected by the filter:
Symantec - Gibe.A
Symantec - Gibe.B
Symantec - Gibe.C
Help stop Swen/Gibe-F!!!
1. Make sure that your computer is not infected.
2. Make sure that your friend's computers are not infected.
3. Report the virus-spam.

The filter definition is available here. It is also included in the SWEN-filter download.

1. Download Magic Mail Monitor 3 (MMM3)
2. Download the SWEN-filter
3. Unpack MMM3 and the SWEN-filter in the same directory
4. Start MMM3
5. File | Open (SWEN-smartare.magic)
6. Select "my mailbox"
7. Edit | Properties
8. Fill in your details (if you have a Hotmail-account get Get Hotmail popper)
- Alias: a name for the mailbox
- User: username for your email-account (Hotmail Popper: you entire hotmail email adress)
- Host: mailserver for your email-account (Hotmail Popper:
Please note that this needs to be the POP3-server for your account!!! Not IMAP.
- Download extra lines with header: 25
9. The SWEN-filter will highlight the messages that are detected
10. If you want MMM3 to automatically delete theese messages for you, you will have to check "Delete from server" for each filter as indicated in the screenshot below (to open: File | Filter).

If you need help with Magic Mail Monitor 3 go to the MMM3 Forum.
Instructions with screenshots also available at mikejenn's MMM3 pages

If you have questions about the SWEN-filter go to swen-virus-spam filter FORUM.

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